New Work in Tiny Atlas Quarterly

Crab apple Tiny Atlas Quarterly
I’m so excited to share the most recent collaboration with my friend, floral designer Nicolette Camille! We spent a couple of gorgeous days this fall working on a foraged arrangements story for Tiny Atlas Quarterly. This meant driving around the Catskills with one eye to the side of the road in search of seed pods and grape vines, making friends with an apple grower, and admiring the changing leaves against the blue sky. So dreamy.

Tiny Atlas is an online (and soon to be in print) travel magazine started by photographer Emily Nathan. It’s full of images by photographers who shoot travel for a living and want to show people the frames that’d never make it into the mainstream glossy print pub, to invite readers to play in our own back yards, and to share resources and ideas for the kinds of trips we like to take and have taken. In this Solstice 2013 issue, I’m happy to be in very good company with contributors like Amanda Marsalis, Shelly Strazis, Thayer Gowdy and Erin Kunkel (just to name a few). Please check out the story for a conversation with and lots of great tips from Nicolette!

Nicolette Camille forages for flowers, Catskills, Tiny Atlas Quarterly

Breakfast before foraging, Catskills, Tiny Atlas Quarterly

Catskills landscape, Tiny Atlas Quarterly

Fall leaves, Catskills, Tiny Atlas Quarterly

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