08_GUID_Chicago-1Between the art scene, my culinary adventures (so many hot dogs!), and all the inviting locals, my recent trip to Chicago for Travel + Leisure has shed a new light on the midwestern city.

Momotaro: InteriorMomotaro: Sushi OmakaseMillenium ParkPilsen: Modern Cooperative, InteriorDove's Luncheonette: Interior
Pilsen: West 18th Scenics
Dove's Luncheonette: Vuelve a la Vida
Bridgeport: Co-Prosperity Sphere Event, Korean-Polish Sausage: "The Maria's Standard"Bridgeport: Co-Prosperity Sphere Event


Pilsen: Nuevo Leon, Tacos de Sabinas, Chorizo TostadaThe Duck Inn: Duck Fat Dog
Pilsen: Kristoffer's Cafe & Bakery, Egg Nog Tres Leches Cake
Pilsen: Revival a Go-Go, Owner Camela Christopher


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